Painting: ‘all sun for your soul’ by Janet Lia

From here, to there, to you, to your heart

For our hearts are one
And our sighs are same

For we are bells
Of the same temple

For we are flowers
Of the same garden

For we are songs
Of the same swans

For we are dance
Of the same fairies

For we are smile
Of the same thought

For we are thought
Of the same smile

For we are dew
Of the same spring

For we are shine
Of the same sun

For we are fire
In the same tree

For we are tree
In the same fire!

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar
March 5, 2022

#mysticsforpeace #urbansanctuary #awestudio #standwithukraine



Picture by Author

How hard you dream
How light you walk

How dare you dare
How innocent your eye

How long your wings
How little is the sky

How cruel the cold
How warm is your way

How killing the killer
Who kills with the rose

How loving the thorn
Who bleeds the heart

How hazy the eyes
How happy a rainbow

How dark the vaults
How bright the window

How light you walk, is
How hard you dream!

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

Feb 12, 2022
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Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar is a mystic writer — a poet and an essayist, acclaimed for his stunning journeys into the unseen.