A Quantum Leap

Milky Way Ring — Courtesy NASA

Healing the Heart of the World — Series

World needs just one generation — one entire generation — to completely unlearn the whole Homosapien experience, and relearn seeing with its own eyes, and feeling with its own hearts. It needs to learn to walk again with the shadows of the wolf, and dare embrace a roaring lion — to listen to ants, and heed to what a finch has fetched to say. It needs to understand a storm by knowing its silence, and understand the silence by knowing its storms. It needs a whole new vision — not just a perspective — to see the Universe as a fish out of the bowl, and a bowl out of the fish — simultaneously.

Back to crow eating and grave digging, we were beginning to understand the outer space with our limited insight, floating as a moat, into an infinite space of consciousness. Every tree was a book, every leaf a page — every ivy the ink. Every wind a lesson, every cloud a painting — every stone a pillow, every earth a bed. Each sun a dirt and shine, each rain a shower — each moon a mystery, each star a blessing! Such were the beginnings to coming to our consciousness, where heart was at the center of everything. The mind was there to wonder, and wonder alone in an ever increasing vastness of being. But, wonder got it over, tricking it away to knowledge and ignorance at the same time.

And then arrived a bandwagon of ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’, creating chaos in still waters of the Arctic nature. Ideas; sadly, became the ideologies — beliefs; the religion — and soon the walls were erected, and minds were caged — believers, non-believers! Godly and heathen, cultured and uncultured, refined and raw, urbane and barbarian, civilized and uncivilized, first world and third world — and almost everything that could be relentlessly divided and distanced.

Resultantly, the lights increased the darkness — education; the ignorance, information; the reconnaissance, discovery; the imperialism, manpower; the slavery, kingdoms; the subjects, technology; the control. Humans mastering the humans. Incarceration camps and Guantanamo bays. Expansion and exploitation. Humanity’s dark night, darker than its caves!

As if abundance was not enough, too much of emphasis was given to dearth. We grew too many funnels — sapping and extracting our own vitality, leaving our own wounds open in the out, to rot as carcasses of desert. In all that, the most important factor was the lack of care. Although drilling the Earth’s metals and minerals was necessary to take us to where we are now, perhaps it could have been much safer and greener; if we emphasized more on the ‘thought’ than the ‘speed’.

In our attempts to reach higher consciousness to make the world a better place, we made ‘life’ perilous for all creatures. Wasn’t that the Earth was already a beautiful place that we thought to add on to its beauty by tearing down its pulmonary system? Its forests. Perhaps we learned it from blood eagles and hyenas.

Imperialism and post imperialism, governments grew as organized crime against civilians — demonizing the very spirit of democracy. Nations were pitched against nations, people against people — in and out-laws, borders and homeland security — a cockeyed vision in a henhouse arrangement. As if the planet Earth was not our vast and collective homeland, we continued to expand and divide it on the basis of a lion’s share, depending upon the power one can wield.

We grew wearier of each other, more distanced and afraid than familiar and friendly. Color of the skin and eyes, genes and genealogy, kin and kinships, signs and language, faith and faithlessness became the prime indicators of determining our alignments. We thought too much on ‘how different’ than on ‘how similar’ we are.

Yes, the world needs that one generation to completely unlearn the entire experience. It is time that we rise up to the next levels of our collective consciousness. Our toes ache as our eyes. We heal in the entirety of our being — as ‘One’ again.

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar


September 21, 2021



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