Kazi Ayaz Mahesar
3 min readAug 27, 2021

The Unity of Existence is in You

(Healing the Heart of the World — Series)

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If you see one wolf, you see all the wolves — a lion, and all the lions. There is One Truth, and when you see it in yourself, you see it all. There is nothing dissimilar, if you apply your similarities. The whole Universe is born in you. You are not the part; you are the whole of all that there is. Accept, as you go along, all that comes to you. Be it the draught of a cool breeze against your cheek, or a hurricane breaking your windows. Be it the fragrance of a rose garden, or a thorn pricking the sole of your feet. A piercing is felt not only where it pricks, but is felt right into your heart, and through it, it transmits its pain.

As there is One Love, there is One Pain. One pain that took the Universe to Be. One pain that unfolded, to see the beauty of the Universe in you — and yours; in the Universe. All that lies in the black holes, lies in you. All that shines in the stars, shines in you. You are a shadow and the sunshine. You are a void; and void-less. It is being in both, that you are, as you are, and continue to be. It is how a snake sheds its skin to emerge with a new one. It is how a dust-storm brings a new layer of the soil. It is how the wind chisels the rocks, and how the rain cuts the gorges through the mountains. And you think all that is happening on the outside, and not inside of you?

You call it a change, what in itself is an evolution. You call it a destruction, what in itself is a new construct. It is One in both and both in the One. To say ‘everything changes’ is similar to saying ‘everything evolves,’ caring what impact it leaves on the listener. Even the perceptions evolve, like the coarse stones are smoothed into the pebbles. Meandering of a river is similar to the meandering of the Milky Way. The waves of the ocean are similar to your own heaving. What seems ‘different’ is not the ‘difference’ in the art of the creation, it is for understanding the ‘wholeness’ of all that is. A shepherd knows his sheep. He knows the sprouting of the grassland; he knows its decaying. He knows what his sheep need, and knows when it is time to take them to new pastures.

It is in this journey that we understand everything about it. It is sailing through the smooth waters, that we know a storm is boiling up. It is in accepting it, as it is, and; as it becomes. It is when ‘accepting’ becomes the ‘becoming.’ It is in lowering your sails and understanding to become the sea and the eye of the storm at the same time — sitting there in all the stillness — changing the heart of a storm from violence to peace. There is no duality if you don’t see it. Remember, it is the ONE WOLF that you see — and you are THAT!

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Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

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