Moses and I

MT. SINAI — c. 1211 B.C.E


Oh! Prophet of God!
“Yes — but, hurry up.”

I’ve seen you calm, climbing up.
“It seems urgent today.”

Is it? Or, you are hurrying yourself?
“What it is, it is. I can’t feel otherwise.”

May I go along?
“I am not allowed to take any one there.”

But, I have been there.

Whenever you descend and go back.

Because, you come and go.
“And, you?”

I live here.
“You are making me late, let me go.”

I am no one to stop. Just, do me a favor.

When you talk to God. Ask Him to talk to me.
“I can’t. You infringe my privacy!”

Is God a private affair?
“Hold it there. I can’t talk to you much.”

What if God tells you the same?
“Are you a devil? — Let me go.”

Oh! Prophet of God!
“How long are you living here?”

I never left.
“So, you live close to God.”

You are closer, Oh! Prophet of God!
“Why you wanted to talk to Him?”

Seeing you taking the pain, climbing up.
“You want to intercede?”

No one can. But, I saw your feet bleeding.
“So? Did I complain to you?”

No. But, I felt your pain.
“Pain, for God’s prophet?”

I feel it for everyone.
“I am sorry, I was rude.”

Your Grace. Prophet of God.
“What have you made for me?”

What did He tell you?
“A leather for my feet!”

Yes. And here you are
“How He knew it? Do you talk?”

No. We don’t.
“But, still communicate?”

I live here.
“Where, here?”

In the Heart of all hearts.
“Who are you?”

We just talked a while ago
Didn’t we?

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar




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Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

Kazi Ayaz Mahesar is a mystic writer — a poet and an essayist, acclaimed for his stunning journeys into the unseen.